How to Become a Minimalist in the Kitchen

kitchen declutter

Ready to start the kitchen declutter? Last week I started a series on becoming a minimalist. It is called the Art of Letting Go. I was inspired and thought it would be a good idea to share why this is a great way to become more eco-friendly by having less.

Today I am going to start part two of our journey and share the progress we made in the kitchen.

First I decluttered our junk drawer and placed the remaining items in more appropriate places in the house. Then I placed our kitchen towels in it. Prior to this change, the kitchen towels were placed with the bath towels in the bathroom closet.

The next thing I did was place kitchen appliances in the donation pile we had in the dining room that we weren’t using. The biggest appliance we gave up was our microwave. It was difficult because we were using it to heat up our coffee and tea, but we knew that we could purchase a small appliance that will do just as well. My partner and I never used the microwave to reheat food. We just don’t like the taste. We usually just reheat the food using the oven, so there wasn’t a real need for it. Other appliances were coffee strainers and two crockpots we weren’t using.

Plenty of space was freed up by letting go of the microwave alone. I was able to spread out the rest of our appliances in a pleasing way. None of the counters are cluttered and we now have more space to work with too.

Here is the counter area the microwave was on:

Here are the other two counter areas:

The last thing I did with the help of my partner was declutter our cabinets. We had an excessive amount of plastic containers for lunches and leftover food, and too many coffee cups and old water bottles that we just had to let go.

Here are the results:

As with the living room and my office area, I’m pleased with the progress we made in the kitchen.

Stay tuned next week as I will discuss how I minimalized the amount of clothing and accessories I have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m glad to help. My email is

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