Monthly Archive: February 2014

Resharpen your dull razor blades and scissors with a leather strop called the razor renew 0

Bring Life Back to Old Razors

An easy way to divert trash from the landfill and save money is to invest in products that help reduce our waste. Our lives have plenty of conveniences these days, but we usually pay...

Recipe on how to make a green smoothie 0

Making a Tasty Green Smoothie

Not all green smoothies are created equal. I’ve made quite a few that ended up bitter but I drank them anyway because I knew it was good for me. Generally, I’m not a recipe-kind-of-girl...

12 different kinds of vegetables that you can grow from scraps. 0

Grow Food From Scraps

An easy way to start or add to your garden is to use your veggie scraps to re-grow another plant. If you’ve already got a garden, grow some plants for neighbors, co-workers or friends....