Green Me Locally, your national eco-friendly business directory

Green Me Locally is an International Eco-Friendly Resource

Our History

Green Me Locally began paving the way to sustainability in 2010 within the Tampa Bay area region (formerly Going Green Tampa). The business was created with a goal of creating an authentic and quality resource for people in their local areas to learn how to lessen their environmental impact, live a healthier lifestyle and locate and support green businesses. Out of this need, the Green Me Locally website was born. The site contains a directory of local eco-friendly businesses, events, and educational articles which serve as a valuable tool for people wanting to learn more about “how to go green” whether at home or on the go.

Green Me Locally is continually evolving and has become more than just an online resource. We help educate communities about the important economic benefits of supporting local green businesses and the positive impacts that being a good environmental steward has on a community. These important responsibilities are accomplished through outreach programs, special events, speaking presentations and collaboration with many other like-minded organizations and businesses.

In 2015, we expanded the Green Me Locally sustainable business and event directory to include new cities across the world. We are excited to share this same valuable eco resource with people all over the planet in their local communities. As we grow into new areas, we welcome people from all walks of life to join us on our journey to sustainable living. Remember, we can all collectively think globally and act locally.

Our Mission

Green Me Locally strives to motivate you to be the change you wish to see in your community.  By making small changes together, we can have a much larger impact on the quality of our life and the environment. We aim to highlight people that are taking action and empowering others around them to do the same.

Green Me Locally is a Promoter of Green & Sustainable Businesses

Our team actively markets and promotes green and sustainable businesses/organizations that align with our standards through banner advertising, social media promotion, press coverage, product/service reviews and more. We encourage organizations and business owners to become part of our directory so we can showcase your product or service offerings. It is more than just a listing, it is a partnership.

Green Me Locally is a Transformer of Businesses

Business Profitability Consultant and President of Green Me Locally, Tara LaSalla specializes in helping businesses lower their environmental impact, do good things for people and the planet and become more profitable at the same time. Contact Tara to bring sustainability and more profits to your business today.