4 Eco-Friendly Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Eco friendly kid activities

Becoming more environmentally-friendly and conscious of what that entails is not a particularly difficult task, as it literally requires a few small changes in how we handle our waste and power consumption. Thankfully in such situations every little bit of effort helps in the long run. When we learn how to properly preserve our resources, we do a lot to keep our planet safer for future generations. Once you know how you can help make the planet a better place through eco-friendly practices, the same practices can be taught to our kids in a snowball effect, hopefully changing the way we treat the world. The best time to teach kids some positive habits about the environment is of course when they’re still young. We can help encourage eco-friendly habits, such as the following examples will explain:

Recycling, Reusing, Reducing

Three simple solutions that allow us to eliminate waste for less domestic cleaning and a safer environment, which can be used to create an alliterative approach to green living, much like a game or a children’s book. You can teach your kids with simple steps, such as using eco-friendly bags when we go to the grocery store, buying reusable water bottles and lunchboxes for school and so forth. We should be responsible enough to never throw away toys, instead donating them for those who may need them or even swapping them with friends when we get bored of them. We should also help kids understand the need for eco-friendliness in our lives and how this will benefit future generations or even our kids when we explain things. Building or purchasing small recycling purpose containers will help serve the recycling needs of your home. Label them or draw images of the items that will need to be disposed of in each of the containers so your kids will know where to place them and to make them easier to use. A better idea would be to decorate them with pictures of the items that need to go inside.

Switching devices off and stopping vampire energy consumption

Besides being able to save money for your energy bills each month, this will also help protect the environment and make the use of fossil fuels less necessary. Less power consumption means less use of such materials and power sources, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They need to know why it is important to turn off the light whenever they exit a room, why turning off the TV or other electronics and unplugging it is necessary in the long run.

Saving water

The simplest thing and currently one of the most important around the world due to rising heat waves, such as the one that hit California is to know not to waste water. Even turning off the water when you brush your teeth can end up saving the pretty impressive 200 gallons of water each month. You can also encourage them to wash their bicycle or other belongings with a sponge and bucket instead of wasting precious water spraying it down

Staying informed

You can help inspire your kids to educate themselves when it comes to preserving the environment by sparking their interest in the subject with encyclopedias, books and kid shows on the matter for added effect. You can also have them help you out with house cleaning duties and chores without the need for a cleaning company, letting them help out and learning something in the process. For more cleaning tips visit: oneoffcleaning.com.

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