Some of the Greenest Architectures Today

green buildings and eco-friendly homes and workplaces

Architectural art is something many up and comers strive to achieve today, but most of them get too absorbed by the process of futurizing or shaping their work into something so unseen that it completely neglects its effect on the environment. But you should rest assured that there are still people who think about nature and how to build houses and buildings without harming the surroundings. Here are some of the buildings that have earned the title of greenest buildings worldwide by the American Institute of Architects – people who know how a building that doesn’t require frequent reliable cleaning services from a professional cleaner looks like and functions.

Yin Yan House

Venice, California. A place widely known for its beaches, street performers, artists and vendors. Also, it houses the Yin Yan House. A thing of beauty in itself just by looking at it aesthetically, but you should also be aware that this beach house uses nearly net-zero energy, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly home and office buildings in the world. Its amazing structure reduces energy demand by more than 50%, and all its electricity needs are covered by the installation of a 12-kW solar system. The Yin Yan House’s design makes full use of the sunny days by collecting all the sunlight with the solar panels, and it uses the climate as a cooling system by using cross-ventilation and a thermal chimney. And its amazing cantilever roof provides shading from direct sunlight, all the while providing residents with natural light without the need to flip a single switch.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Building

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission made a huge promise to their citizens to make the best work environment that an employee could wish for, and it is very well possible that they succeeded. It achieves long term cost savings to the entire city, and has only the workers’ environment in mind, striving to be the healthiest, most effective and most comfortable one that a worker could imagine. It is a world-class sustainable building that any architect should admire.

Oakland Home for Homeless Seniors

This building is an apartment project in Oakland, California, where an abandoned construction site was turned into a home for disadvantaged and homeless seniors. It has a simplistic, but amazing universal design, and sets a high standard for sustainable styles. It receives a few certificates, like the LEED for Home Mid-Rose Pilon Program, Energy Star Rated Building, and Bay Friendly Landscaping. Its simple design also makes for easy cleanings so the work of a good cleaning company keeps the home spotless with little effort.

These are just some of the many green buildings that great architects strive to achieve today. It takes little effort to think about the environment, and while it takes more to act to make for a better environment, it is all worth it in the long run when we have both brilliantly made buildings and all of nature is intact. Article provided by: Reliable carpet cleaning services Sutton.

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