Aaron Ableman's Alive and Awake Album

San Francisco, CA, United States
8411 Market Street San Francisco California 94103 US

“Alive and Awake” is a popular musical storytelling album, book and forth coming TV series about the world’s greatest coming-of-age adventure: a quest for the meaning of life! When we plant seeds in our hearts, we can grow miracles in our world.

Aaron’s album is the world’s first plantable music album. It encourages families and children about the scientific and climate-resilance imperative of tree planting and other life-fulfilling actions for making the world a habitable and beautiful place. We are using arts integration to move forward on our United Nation’s development goals and leading with green schools in 15 countries. We aim to plant hundreds of millions of trees over the next two years and to accompany that reforestation work.

Download an album, plant a tree!

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