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As we strive to become a more environmentally conscious society, new products and technologies are being developed with the Earth in mind, allowing consumers to contribute to the protection of our planet on even a small scale. It is the little actions preformed by a growing number of people that truly makes the biggest impact. Presently, there is an option to take your environmentally green practices right into the bedroom.

Sustain Condoms is a company that prides themselves on offering non-toxic, organic sustainable condoms and personal lubrication products for consumers. What makes these condoms special is that the latex is made from one of the most sustainable rubber tree plantations in Southern India. The rubber is extracted from trees much like in the same way as working maple trees for syrup. In addition, the condoms are also nitrosamine free. Nitrosamine is a carcinogenic or cancer causing compound found in most condoms, balloons, gloves, tobacco smoke and even baby bottle nipples.

In 2010, the World Health Organization and the United Nation Population Fund recommended that manufacturers reduce the presence of nitrosamines in daily products. However, the condoms are not the only product that Sustain offers. Their line of personal lubricants are made naturally, free of petrochemicals such as glycerin and parabens which is typically found in most lubricants. According to the World Health Organization, petrochemicals damage genital and rectal cell tissue once it enters the body. When the cells have become damaged, your body may potentially become more susceptible to contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Considering the amazing products Sustain has to offer, above all, they operate their business with the highest level of integrity and responsibility. Their plantation has banned child labor and offers reasonable wages to their workers. It also provides education and healthcare to the entire community. Furthermore, Sustain products are certified by reputable third parties such as fair trade, vegan, not tested on animals, non-GMO, B-Corporation, and FSC certified.

Sustain contributes 10 percent of their pretax profits to women in need of publically funded reproductive health and family services. Sustain products are sold on their website, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, and Target. Building a better, cleaner, more sustainable planet can be seen in the upcoming future as more people choose to be conscious in their environmental impact. This is only the beginning to incorporating sustainable products into our everyday lives. For more information, visit sustaincondoms.com.

Thelisha Aluc

My name is Thelisha Aluc and I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. My parents are from Haitian descent and came to the United States to gain an opportunity for my two siblings and I to have a better life. Although I was born up north, I was raised in sunny North Miami Beach, FL for about 15 years. I graduated from the University of South Florida with my bachelor’s degree in Public Health. My interest in environmental health first came from when I was at a young age. Living in Miami, we would receive testing kits issued by the city to test the quality of our tap water. My parents never understood the purpose of the kit so I decided to test the water myself. Ever since then, I’ve always had in interest in the environment around me. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. My goal is to gain a master’s degree in environmental health so that I can work within local government to improve water quality and recycling methods.

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