Why Plastics are Bad for the Ocean

Plastic in Oceans
I love confetti, but not the confetti this video is going to shed light on. We have a big problem here to think about. Our oceans have a lot of plastic floating in it. What we haven’t realized yet is that no matter where we throw our trash, it will always make it to the ocean.

Our plastic (trash and treasures) are making it into the oceans and causing big problems. Even though we will see in this film how creatures use the smaller bits and pieces of plastic to their advantage; others are feeding on these bits and pieces, and they are choking to death. The bigger pieces are much easier to find and clean up. We should all consider cleaning up the plastic trash in the oceans as we come across them. Once the plastic makes it to the ocean and breaks up, the small pieces remain forever. Often times, these bigger plastic pieces of trash, such as bags and coke can holders (etc.,) are eaten or tangled in by bigger animals.

Plastic never goes away. It all remains in very small bits that will last forever. Please watch this video and tell us what you think. Consider going further by sharing this video on social networking sites that you are a part of. This is one of many important messages that should be heard about and taken into consideration. Issues like this can never be better if we do not do something about it. Can we consider cleaning up ALL trash whether or not it is ours?

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