Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The holidays are a time for gathering friends, family and loved ones. We can be mindful and reflect on the moments this year has brought to us. Let’s celebrate consciously with Mother Earth!

Green Me Locally Presents: These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

The team had tons of fun handpicking businesses that are out there doing bigger things than themselves and making less of an impact on the planet.

The holidays don’t have to be so daunting after all when it comes to gifts and spreading cheer. Check out some of these fun, cool, chic and uber green businesses from just about anywhere. And these are perfect places to choose from for those that want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. From home eco products to jewelry and travel, there is something for every greenie in your life. 

Wei of Chocolate
For the love of everything heavenly. Organic, fair trade and vegan chocolate is the way to Namaste.

Flow Hive
A perfect way to start beekeeping and protecting our pollinators.

Resupply Market
Looking for a way to have a less impactful lifestyle? Refillery and sustainable products from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Regift the Wrap
Who needs to waste paper when you can use these handy resuable fabric gift wrappings.

Back to the Roots
Organic indoor gardening kits that teaches kids and families how to start growing their own food. Reconnecting people with food and Mother Nature.

Indosole Shoes
Handmade with love by skilled Balinese workers. Making the most ethical sandals and shoes in the world.

The Good Dog Company
We’re not to leave our faithful furry companions without some fun holiday gifts. Hemp made products for dogs and cats that include collars and toys.

Rescue Chocolate
Pet rescue, dark chocolate and some vegan deliciousness. This isn’t a treat for animals, but for humans who help animals in need. Make this a stocking stuffer for your favorite animal lover.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort
Visit the islands of Fiji for an experience you are unlikely to ever forget. The Cousteau Dive Centre offers world class diving where you can see first hand the diverse marine life while you breathe underwater.

Comet Skateboards
For the adventurer in your life that likes to get out and cruise. Eco-friendly skateboards for alternative transportation.

Two Winged Fruit Body Care
Palm oil free soaps, shampoos and skincare that cleanse and nourish the body while protecting the rainforests. Australian made, cruelty free and certified by the Orangutan Alliance.

One Tree Planted
Trees give air, they give us life. This is a perfect way to give back to Mother Earth instead of opting for the material goods. Plant a tree, donate a tree and give new life!

Green Magic Homes
Ready to leave the traditional home and move towards a balanced way of living with technology and environmental awareness? Look no further, this could be your next wave of the future.

Growing Microgreens
Wondering how you can start small? No pun intended. Simply begin with seeds and kits to grow your own greens, sprouts and a variety of other foods to begin your gardening adventure.

360 Vodka
The World’s first eco-friendly vodka. Based in Missouri, it can boast about the entire sustainable process from distilling to packaging. A luxury vodka that is good for the planet to drink.

Bosnal Dinnerware
For the favorite party planner or chef in your life that is looking for a better alternative to disposables, Bosnal has you covered. Offering palm leaf plates, bowls, cutlery and more.

Organic Vintages
Wine drinkers rejoice as you can enjoy wines that are not just organic, but also GMO free and sulfite free. Offering a large selection for the discriminating palate.

A goat for the holidays? They are helpers to clear the land. What better way to prepare a piece of land without destruction or chemicals. Hire a team of goats this year for the people who may need a little land clearing.

Waterhaul Sunglasses
Using plastic from nets and marine pollution retrieved from the ocean to make functional sunglass ware.

Peaces of Indigo
Handmade jewelry created with love using recycled and eco-friendly materials. Based in the music city of Nashville, this artist brings to life a variety of pieces that range from rings to necklaces and more. Bohemian style.

Good Old Days Eco Florist
One of the only sustainably operated eco florists in the U.S., this is a place that will create and design the perfect arrangement as a gift or just because you want beautiful flowers surrounding you.

Waste Free Products
Chemical free and plastic free home and body products that keep it clean and less impactful on Mother Earth. Choose from a nice selection of laundry soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars and more.

Yes, you read that right. Poopoopaper is ethical, tree free paper made from the poo of elephants, cows, horses and donkeys. It’s recycling at its best!

Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel
Dream under the stars in a big tipi in sky country. Your adventure awaits.

Life Without Plastic
We could all use a little less plastic in our lives. This is a shop with a variety of non plastic household items if one needs to be replaced.

Tara LaSalla

Tara is the owner of Green Me Locally which was established in 2010 with a mission to bring awareness to the surrounding community about local eco-friendly businesses, events and sustainable living. She is also a business profitability consultant and specializes in helping companies lower their environmental impact, do good things for people and the planet and become more profitable at the same time. Tara helps companies create simple, sustainable solutions and become totally green while still increasing their profits. Her core belief is that we only have one planet, so it is our obligation to start making changes for the sake of our health and the health of future generations. Tara is known for creating easy solutions for post-consumer waste and the conservation of natural resources. Her clients are inspired and empowered to lead the way to a healthier tomorrow. Tara currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL where she is an active community leader in the form of environmental and marine conservation and education. Her work with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay Watch and other local organizations continues to inspire those around her to protect our natural resources. She holds true to one of Mahatma Gandhi's most famous principles: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

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