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Richmond, CA
2231 Macdonald Avenue Richmond California 94801 US

A page to keep up-to-date on Sweet Livity’s vision, approach, efforts and results of its work to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of leaders and organizations that serve the community, especially underserved and vulnerable populations.

Sweet Livity LLC (Sweet Livity) focuses on improving the effectiveness and sustainability of individuals and organizations that serve the community by blending healing practices into organizational development, community development, wellness retreats and leadership coaching programs. Sweet Livity is about a different kind of climate change — helping people transform the spaces where they live, work and play into healthy, life affirming environments. Sweet Livity is a holistic approach to healing and liberation.

A lot of Sweet Livity’s work involves helping shift how people work in diverse cultural contexts so that everyone, regardless of identity and background, can fully engage in organizational or community work with their whole, authentic self. It is about transforming the way we work and live so that we are in harmonious relationship with ourselves, our communities and with nature as we create the lives we want. This includes how we leverage and connect all of our capital – our health, our money, our social relationships, our resilience and our passion.

Work Life and Comprehensive
Organizational Wellness Programs: Sweet Livity uses a culturally-based approach to capacity building to strengthen the capacity of an organization, system or community to define and achieve its goals. We support organizations to explore and integrate diverse organizational effectiveness and wellness practices to strengthen both the internal operations and programming. We promote an approach to work which focuses on extracting more quality or “Livity” out of the day to day routines. The goal is to support clients to promote and sustain work environments which are creative, engaging, life affirming and fun. The overall result is improved organizational effectiveness and leadership with optimal well-being.

Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats Programs: Each Sweet Livity Wellness Coaching or Wellness Retreat program is customized based on an individual’s or organization’s needs and can focus on one or more of the following aspects of rebuilding and regenerating a healthy way of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, social and ecological.

Our Wellness Coaching and Wellness Retreats services can be offered in a person’s home, at their work place or at a designated location in their community. Wellness Retreats can also be offered in special tourist or travel destinations around the world. We can design a unique experience for you based on your budget and desired goals.

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