How to Hire a Green Cleaning Company

Hiring a green cleaning company

There is a really good reason why green cleaning has been gaining popularity over the years. The effects of human habitation on the planet are becoming more and more noticeable with each passing day, from toxic waste to allergies and worse. Many companies nowadays that offer home cleaning claim that their business operates with green cleaning in mind, but the truth may not always be what it seems. In this article we will point out the ways you can weed out and choose the right companies to handle green cleaning instead of falling into the trap of a quick but potentially unreliable service. Let’s start with a few questions you will need to ask before you hire anyone:

Do you happen to be insured, licensed and bonded?

This is a fair question, since many a company in this line of business will need to be as ready for any issue that may occur during the domestic cleaning process. Insurance policies will be needed during damages and the cleaning itself; licenses are needed to operate in certain areas, especially to even claim that the company operates on a green basis. There is a way to find if any company out there is what it claims to be of course, apart from certifications. If they recycle their waste and they happen to be green certified, then good. There are plenty of organizations you can find to provide such information, such as the Better Business Bureau, so look for more information on your chosen company and be ready.

What are your employees trained in?

This is a question you need to ask, as there are many aspects of cleaning that happen to be in need all around the world. Green cleaning employs similar solutions to those seen in the usual approach, but with radically different cleaning supplies involved. Before any company can really call itself “green”, it needs to employ sustainable cleaning practices for optimal results aimed at protecting the environment and its clientele. All employees need to be fully vetted, as well as being versed in different cleaning techniques. Sometimes hazardous chemical cleanup needs to be performed, but not every company has the experience and certification to do so. You would do well to get to know your chosen company before you jump into the fray.

Do you provide your own cleaning equipment?

Although most companies have their own supplies and tools for this matter, sometimes the risk of cross-contamination of surfaces is fairly high. When that happens you risk foreign pathogens and contaminants entering your home or office, so you would also benefit from them using any equipment you have on site instead of their own if allergies are involved.

What type of quality control is available?

This is also fairly important, as company supervisors will often do surprise checks on employees to ensure they are doing their job right. A good company will also do their best to find out more about your home to allow for a more personalized and safe approach to green cleaning.

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2 Responses

  1. maryward says:

    If you want to be sure that you hire a reputable green cleaning company, you should make a deep research about the professionalism of the cleaners and effectiveness of their services. Read customers reviews can help you to make the final decision.

  2. Tara LaSalla says:

    I agree Mary. Hiring a cleaning company that is reputable and green is key. There are lots of cleaning companies out there that offer traditional services, but then say they offer green cleaning too. These I tend to steer away from. And that’s why here in our Green Me Locally directory we strive to have only companies that are eco/green as a business, versus just an extension of their traditional business. Thank you for the great comment!

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