Serbian Society for Emergency Situations

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Paracin, Paraćin
14 Majora Gavrilovica Paraćin 35250 RS

Serbian Society for Emergency Situations was founded on July, 15th, 2011. Founder and president of the society is Dr. Ivan Bozinovic. Activity of the society is, as it can be seen from its name, reaction in emergency situations. We want to prepare the population for some critical situations, to teach people to react properly, to prevent such situations, if possible, or to lessen its consequences. We tend to provide donations for the most socially handicapped population, considering that the economic situation is also critical. It is our desire to gather as many people as possible, who are able to help in such situations.

Ivan’s goal is to gather enough money to buy magnetic scanner for the hospital in Paracin. In his intention to make the emergency medical service at the health center, where he works, the best in Serbia, Dr Ivan Bozinovic from Paracin, through the association “Serbian society for emergency situations”, which he founded, started gathering plastic bottles three years ago in order to recycle them and to buy medical equipment from the money he makes. The action soon spread on all the villages in the surrounding of Paracin, so around 30 tons of plastics have been gathered so far. With recycling, around 6000 euros have been gathered.

Bozinovic, a specialist in emergency medicine, first donated equipment for the emergency room last year. He bought more appliances for measuring pressure: otoscope, strips for glycemia, linens, and he soon plans to buy and EKG machines.

There is plastics everywhere in large amounts. People just need to reach and to take it. That is how we get to the money which will be used for general good because there is no man who doesn’t need an ambulance. I came to the idea when i saw that my house alone throws out two bags of plastics. And everybody else does the same. I started promoting the action in my street and neighborhood, and now everybody collects plastic bottles, and through the association, we expanded the network to other parts of the city and villages- said this visionary of endless energy for our portal.

He informed entire municipality through media and received a positive response from everybody. To make everything easier, large jumbo bags were placed in the entire Paraćin municipality, so citizens can dispose their plastic. Beside Paraćin citizens, he included in this action some of the most famous restaurants and hotels not only in Paraćin but also in neighboring towns. All of them separate plastics every day whose sale helps the funds intended for buying medical equipment.

Besides his regular job, he is visiting his fellow citizens daily. Other members of the association are doing the same, his father, wider family and neighborhood.

He gathers the plastics in his yard. This is where he made a real collecting center.

He included famous Paracin restaurants and hotels in the action. They are separating plastics daily and by selling it, they fill the fond for the medical equipment.

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