Opting out of the Yellow Pages is as easy as 1.2.3

Are you looking for ways to send fewer items to the recycle or trash bin? This could be an easy start.


It was just another day that I was blogging away on a topic of wasting less in our culture when the sound of a “thud” hit my front door step. I go to investigate the mystery sound, only to find THAT book laying there waiting to be brought inside and placed in a drawer for the next twelve months. You know the one I am talking about, the Yellow Pages. The book that I thought I opted out of last year. Alas, I am sure I had good intentions, but forgot. Here we are again, feeling guilty about something that sits and takes up space and really never gets used. I do really hate the concept of waste. This time, I need to make sure to carry out my duty of opting -out. After all, it takes a lot of time, money and resources for these telephone books to be delivered to every door. And with the advent of the internet and smartphones, most people rarely access those ad and phone number filled pages in a book format anymore. Let’s help stop the waste.

A quick look into my Facebook feed and sure enough, there was a friend who shared a link to the National Yellow Pages Consumers Choice & Opt-Out website. Voilà, just what I was looking for. This is a national site which allows you to opt-out by zip code for any of the books you are destined to receive. You can opt-out of one or all, your choice. The site also provides some interesting FAQ’s reflecting their sustainable business practices. If you are really interested, they have put together their 2012 Sustainability report. I will admit the Yellow Pages industry has come a long way. The books are much smaller in size than they once used to be and they don’t use virgin paper to create them.

If you need to recycle your old phone books, resources are also provided if your local curbside recycling program does not take them.

Take a few moments now to opt-out if you are one of the folks who no longer need a paper yellow page book. Simply register your email address, name and home address. It is even valid for those that live in multi-dwelling places. No matter what, opting-out conserves energy and resources. And we all know that even the small things like this add up. Do you part today and help Keep America Beautiful.

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