Going Zero Waste for Summer Parties

zero waste summer tips

It’s time to kick off the summer season, have fun and of course still be kind to the planet. And if you are planning a few parties, we’ve put together a few simple swaps to create less waste and maybe even go zero waste. If you are new to the zero waste scene, don’t fret. The goal is to try new techniques out and see how you can improve from there. Working towards less waste during and after your event is always admirable.

Go Cloth Napkins instead of Paper

This is a fun and stylish way you can decorate your party table. Have fun with this and see what you can find at your nearest thrift store. It isn’t necessary to match, so make each setting unique.

Layout a Reusable Tablecloth instead of a Disposable one

Whether you need to raid your linen closet or head to the local Goodwill, this is a very easy way to be both economical and keep plastic out of the landfill.

Use Real Silverware or the Compostable and Bamboo Variety

This is an easy one. You don’t have to spend money on buying disposables if you use your own. Perhaps you can ask your guests to bring their own reusables. But, if washing dishes still has you tossing and turning, you have the option of something like Eco Products. Their products are made from renewable and recycled resources. This at least gives you the option to recycle or compost them.

Make your own Drinks or Purchase without the Plastic

What’s a summer party without drinks like lemonade? Make your own! No need to buy lemonade or tea in plastic bottles. There are lots of great recipes out there for refreshing drinks on hot summer days. Colas can be bought in cans or glass bottles which can be recycled and are a better option than plastic bottles of soda. Beer? Go to your local brewery and get refillable growlers!

Keep a Recycling Bin Nearby

If you have any items that don’t have a place for being reused, make sure they get into the recycle bin. Glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, steel cans and cardboard are welcome in most municipalities.

Compost your Food Scraps or Waste

The best way to properly dispose of food that can’t always make it into our bellies is to compost it. If you have your own backyard compost, that is a great start. If not, there are companies now available that will come and pick up your food waste for composting.

Table Centerpieces

If you want to lessen your waste, forget all the tchotchkes for decorations. Go for natural options like flowers or things you can find in your own backyard. Locally grown flowers can be purchased plastic free and usually found at Farmers Markets. An even better option would be to use plants that you already have! Get creative and have fun.

Remember, going zero or less waste doesn’t have to be a chore. Let your creativity shine through and enjoy this beautiful summer season.

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