Bring Life Back to Old Razors

An easy way to divert trash from the landfill and save money is to invest in products that help reduce our waste.

Our lives have plenty of conveniences these days, but we usually pay for that in one form or another. Keeping up with the constant grooming of hair can be a costly endeavor when using disposable razors. In the “good ole days” barbers used straight razors to give men the closest possible shave. Even though straight razors are readily available today, most men utilize the disposable variety. I guess the thought of some serious cuts is enough deterrent for using a straight razor. Women too have to contend with keeping their bodies silky and smooth. Razor after razor, those costs can climb pretty high in a year’s time period.

It’s time to stop throwing all our money out the window and razors into the landfill. A product called the Razor Renew is available to sharpen and lengthen the life of disposable razors. Barbershops frequently used a device called a leather “strop” to sharpen straight blades.

John Mecham, owner of Razor Renew brought back the leather strop after his family was spending over $300 per year on razor blades. This leather strap is available in two sizes and will smooth and clean razors, blades and knives to last at least 10 times longer than normal. Razor Renew works by running your razors over the front and back of the leather strap. It smoothes the burrs and scratches on a disposable razor, bringing it back to like-new sharpness. It also works great for maintaining your scissors and knives.

I have been using this product for a year using the Venus razors and it brought a pretty dull blade back to its original sharp state. Love it! I came across the Razor Renew while perusing the Daily Grommet. They are an online marketplace for citizen commerce. I highly encourage you to visit all the nifty products they offer. They have a great eco-friendly and organic section too.

Save money and lengthen the life of your next razor blade today.

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