Eco Chic Paper

Move over plain white copy paper, here comes the new fashionista of the runway. The label you ask, it is Eco Paper. That’s right folks; a new must have in the world of sustainability.

If your place of business has taken the green pledge, changing the kind of paper you use is a great first step in greening up your office.

Eco paper Inc. has transformed the paper making industry by creating tree free paper. Back in 1989, the company traveled to Costa Rica in search of a way to create a new product but with the goal of protecting the natural resources of the region. They found that they could create new paper products by utilizing both post-consumer paper and agricultural waste. This process uses less water, no harmful chemicals and the inks are made from vegetable oil and soy. The beautiful end result produces banana paper. Eco Paper Inc. now produces tree free, acid free products made from all natural fibers. These natural fibers consist of agro waste from bananas, coffee, mango, lemon, hemp and other exotic agriculture waste. A note to all those people that used to love scratch-n-sniff stickers as a child, the paper even though described as a “flavor” doesn’t actually have any exotic smells. It is after all, still paper.

Eco Paper Inc. offers a wide selection of paper products such as notebooks, art & sketch pads, stationary, journals, paper reams, business cards and more. If you have a green type of business, I highly recommend utilizing these sustainable business cards. Go above and beyond in your business and practice what you preach. They also make for great conversation starters. Who knew that you could have a business card made from coffee?

Learn more about Eco Paper Inc. and their mission to place people and planet before profit.


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