Tips for Eco-Friendly Pet Owners

eco friendly pet tips

Surprisingly, being “green” and owning a pet can be quite challenging. Just like people, animals also leave their footprint on the environment. The impact of your furry friend may be larger than you suspect. According to some studies owning a pet is ecologically unsound and it contributes to the global warming. There are different aspects to pet owning that negatively influence the environment – from commercial pet food to waste management. Here are a few tips how to offset the negative effects of having a pet.

  1. Adopt

The ugly truth is that many pet breeders have only one sole goal – to produce more animals for profit. The result is overcrowding with unhealthy cats and dogs that need special care. Instead of buying, why not adopt one of the many homeless animals out there. This will also help fight the overpopulation of stray dogs and pets.

  1. Spay or Neuter

Speaking of overabundance of homeless animals, you can also consider spaying or neutering your pet. These practices will save resources such as food, money and energy in the future. This practice will also help your furry friend live longer and healthier, by eliminating the chance of testicular, ovarian and uterine cancer and decreasing the possibility of prostate disease.

  1. Pick The Right Food

Commercial pet food is a huge issue when it comes to both the environment and your animal’s health. Many conventional brands you find in the supermarket use low-grade wastes from the poultry and beef industry. Most of the animals used as by-products for the pet food are classified as “4-D”, which basically means “dead, dying, diseased or disabled.” Nutrition is important part of keeping your pet in good condition. That is why it’s better to select natural and organic food. The ingredients in these products have no added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives and other drugs. The meat is minimally processed, preserving the natural substances and vitamins.

  1. Take Care of The Waste

Cleaning after your pet is big part of the routine every owner. The landfills are filled with non- biodegradable bags, containing pet waste. When out for a walk with your dog, always pick biodegradable poop bags instead of their plastic counterparts. On the other hand, cat owners should avoid the clay kitty litter. This product is not only bad for the environment, but it is dangerous for your pet .The clay sediment is usually permeated with carcinogenic silica coat. You can replace it with eco –friendly cat litters to avoid these problems.

  1. Green Grooming

When you are selecting the grooming products for your pet, choose chemical –free shampoos and conditioners. Consult with your vet with the right solution for your furry companion.

  1. Pet- Proof Your Home

If you want to be a truly green pet owner, you should also consider reducing the toxins in your home environment. Your furry friend is constantly exposed to chemicals in the form of cleaning products. Instead of using the conventional toxic cleaners, mix your own homemade solutions. You will not only ensure safer environment for your pet, but you will also save money. Choose products that are pet-friendly. For more house cleaning ideas visit:

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