Your Morning Coffee could be Ruining the Planet

Kuppo eco-friendly cup

In 2017 two scientists; Anton and Febian were walking through an airport and saw so many trash cans over flowing with paper coffee cups. As they travelled onwards, they kept seeing more and more of these cups laying on the floor which got them thinking. “Most people don’t realize that paper cups take a very long time to decompose… If it’s paper, it should be gone a long time ago, right?” Right. But “paper cups” aren’t just paper. So, what’s wrong, and how do we fix it? Anton and Febian took this challenge head-on.

Firstly, they needed to do their research regarding the impact of paper cups on the environment. They were surprised to find out that in the USA 58 billion paper cups are thrown away without recycling every year. Why? It’s simply because the cost of recycling exceeds the cost of manufacturing. Additionally, 20 million trees are cut down and 12 billion gallons of water are used during the manufacturing process of these cups every year. The saddest part about all this is that it’s all for a cup that you can only use ONE TIME.

What are some of the other issues?
As they researched more, they discovered that for waterproofing, the paper cup is coated with polyethylene. They also found out that the plastics we use every day leach hormone-like chemicals, which are considered to be carcinogens and hazardous to our health. Polyethylene was not an exclusion. Basically, every time we drink something from the cup, we are putting these chemicals into our bodies.

What happened next?
The two friends came up with the idea to create a non-toxic, plastic-free, 100% recyclable and hygienic container. In order to be hygienic, it had to be made of a high-quality food grade silicone rubber with no open pores to harbor bacteria. It would be the first cup of its kind, convenient and eco-friendly at the same time. A few weeks later they shared this idea with another scientist friend who was able to engineer the idea and bring the first prototype to life.

After many, many hours and many late nights the small team finally found the solution and first prototype was created using a 3D printer.

It all looked good on the paper and as a prototype. But what about manufacturing? Could this cup be mass-produced? The next step was to partner with a manufacturer who would be able turn this challenge into an opportunity and create a top-quality product and at a competitive price.

The first prototype was created and sent to a list of people to gain their feedback. The feedback wasn’t great but it was very valuable so the team returned to the drawing board.

More late night and more hours away from their families, determination won through and finally Kuppo was born.

The first pocket and purse sized reusable cup that’s 100% plastic free, 100% recyclable, dishwasher and microwave safe and the new feedback has been fantastic. The team has now grown from 3 friends to a strong team of 8 people who all have one mission and that is to make a difference on the planet.

Kuppo has been setup as a scientific and engineering challenge to make the world a better place. And we need your support to make Kuppo a reality!

Their mission statement is
Through innovation, we help people make better choices for our future generations. Because we care.

Where can you get your Kuppo?
Kuppo is ready for pre-order on their website, please visit and you can grab a copy of their free Green Guerilla Handbook on how you can become more eco-friendly for free by visiting their site today.

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