Ways to save water in your garden

Everyone knows that water is essential for the preserving of the good condition of your garden. However many people are still unaware of effective ways in which to preserve it and to use it appropriately for gardening purposes. Even if you are not an expert in gardening issues you

flower garden

flower garden

can take up with several activities that will be beneficial for the saving of water in your garden. They are easy to be applied and they do not require much effort. The only thing you need is strong motivation and willingness to show your gardening skills from time to time.

No matter of the type of the garden these tips can always be applied and you will observe the results of your actions.

Using of grey water

The grey water is usually used for domestic tasks like bathing and washing clothes and if you use it for your garden it will be stopped from going into the plughole and it will be redirected to the garden. If you do not have specially installed pipes the water can be transmitted with a bucket. The grey water is excellent to use for ornamental plants, and it is not recommended to use it for fruit or vegetables.

The useful rain barrels

The use of rain barrels will help you to conserve water from your roofs which  can be a real contribution for the watering of your garden. The barrel should be situated in a position so that it could transmit the rainwater to the down pipes right to the garden. They are an excellent item for collecting clean water for your garden as they are not very expensive and some water companies can offer really attractive deals for them.


The mulches are an ideal decision to make your soil less dry. This layer of material should be placed on the surface of the soil and it will effectively prevent water evaporation and in the same time it also improves the condition of the soil. The mulches can be made from materials such as cocoa shells, grass cuttings or straw which are all natural materials, however the plastic sheeting have also become very popular, especially for vegetables. Even a mulch that is of 10 cm will help for the slower evaporation of water in your garden.

Forget about the sprinklers for watering your garden

If you really want to save significant amount of water in your garden, the best decision is to forget about the sprinklers as they are more than wasteful. For your clean and welcoming garden you can think about the use of drip irrigators. They will slowly distribute the amount of water directly to all parts of the plants and the roots. This will prevent the evaporating of the water, however make sure that the sunny and shady zones will be watered not at the same time, which means that the irrigation systems should be positioned correctly.

These are some effective ways in which you could save water for your garden. Apart from watering it, do not forget that you should also maintain it in a proper condition by providing home cleaning solutions. It is essential, if you want to preserve its nice appearance for a longer time, so be creative and think about every aspect of your garden. By saving up water, you contribute to the eco friendly way of living which is very important, as pollutants are constantly destroying nature.

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