Bring the Passion to your Green Business

bringing passion to your green business

It may be the holidays and people are worried about the next gift they have to buy, but the best gifts don’t come wrapped with a big red bow. They are the gifts of passion and internal drive that are unique to each person. Have you ever forgotten about your “gift” and discovered that you let it get dusty?

We all have so many gifts that are left unused. I have been making it my focus to explore mine. I’ve been trying new things and have been taking risks. Today, I reached a goal because of this.

I signed up for KIVA a few weeks ago, after much procrastination. Kiva is a micro-loan organization where the public loans you small amounts of money for your business interest free. Those that loaned money will receive their money back based on the timeline they agreed to. My mom helped me through the process and we pushed through our comfort zones. We called and asked for support. It felt good to share with people and have that exchange of excitement.

In conversations, we exchanged so much. It was like we gave each other something when we started to discuss possibility and passion and purpose. It felt invigorating and made me want to explore more of my natural gifts. I’ve been meeting so many amazing people and have been learning a lot about people I already thought I knew. Exchanges and meetings are feeling like brainstorm and growth sessions. This is how it is meant to be.

Have you ever done any fundraising or given to causes? My experience with KIVA has blown my mind. There are so many inspiring stories and it’s becoming more evident that we can create amazing things when we work together. It’s true that many hands do make for lighter work when those hands are focused on the bigger picture.

In my fundraising campaign on KIVA, I met my goal 35 days early. Friends, family & people around the world supported and that is crazy inspiring. Imagine how much each of us could do if we used our organic and natural gifts.

How many opportunities could you create? Let’s push it to the limit.

My name is Tamika, and I am the Founder of From Mother’s Garden We create organic skincare and hair care products that nourish your body inside and out.


From Mother's Garden's goal is to increase wealth and promote wellness in the local community. We do this by manufacturing and promoting our all natural body and food products made with all natural ingredients. Everything is made by those in the local community, for those in the local community, and sold by those living in the local community. Let's learn and grow together!

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