What Caused the Warm Holiday Season?

El nino 2015

Hello 2016! While the holiday season allowed a time to relax and spend on your loved ones, one thing that everyone can agree on is that this winter has been way too warm this year. The entire east coast of the United States was gifted with warm weather for the holiday.

Here in Florida, we usually have the pleasure of a cool winter without the fuss of snow. This season however, it felt more like a late summer than anything. It is definitely not the kind of weather you want during the holidays.



It is typical to see news stories and articles on freakishly warm weather with no mention of climate change whatsoever. There were pictures of people dressed in their holiday swimwear wearing Santa shorts and flip flops. There were even people who went down to the beach.



The freakishly warm weather is the direct result of the El Nino 2015 season, the Arctic oscillation, and global warming. El Nino is the appearance of unusually warm temperatures near the equator in the Pacific Ocean which caused the mild temperatures in the North.

The warm waters accompanied with circulating winds of the Arctic attributes to the all over warmth. During the polar vortex, pressure changes in the air slowed and drew towards the West, bringing a wave of cold air from the Arctic.

The frigid air was trapped in the North, causing warm and pleasant temperatures in the East.  This erratic weather is reminder that global warming is still an impending issue.

Luckily, this week has proven to be in the spirit for the season with some cooler weather. Take time to enjoy the cool and remember to take an active role in reducing your emissions.

Thelisha Aluc

My name is Thelisha Aluc and I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. My parents are from Haitian descent and came to the United States to gain an opportunity for my two siblings and I to have a better life. Although I was born up north, I was raised in sunny North Miami Beach, FL for about 15 years. I graduated from the University of South Florida with my bachelor’s degree in Public Health. My interest in environmental health first came from when I was at a young age. Living in Miami, we would receive testing kits issued by the city to test the quality of our tap water. My parents never understood the purpose of the kit so I decided to test the water myself. Ever since then, I’ve always had in interest in the environment around me. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida. My goal is to gain a master’s degree in environmental health so that I can work within local government to improve water quality and recycling methods.

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