BYOU: Bring Your Own Utensils?

Bamboo utensils

Have you ever thought of the environmental impact disposable utensils have? After using them once, they are tossed in the trash and sent to landfills. This is part of the typical throw away culture we live in where products are unusable after one use.

Each year, Americans throw out enough single use plastic utensils to circle the equator 300 times. An estimated 40 billion plastic utensils are used every year in the United States with a majority thrown out after one use.

Imagine going to a restaurant or food truck and bringing your own utensils made out of bamboo and stainless steel. That’s the idea To-go Ware stands behind.

To-go Ware was founded in 2004, offering products that are innovative, safe, environmentally responsible, affordable, and convenient. The products are BPA-free, non-allergen, reusable & portable, made from sustainable materials, and produce zero waste. Bamboo utensils and stainless steel carrying cases aren’t just for going out to eat; they can be used at home or in the office.

The company has chosen bamboo for their utensils because it is extremely durable and can undergo a significant amount of use without damage. Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and does not need to be replanted because new shoots grow from its extensive root system. The carrying cases for select products are made from recycled plastic bottles, otherwise known as RPET, eliminating plastic bottles from landfills. The website also highlights their use of stainless steel and silicone.

To-go Ware’s products can be found on the website:

Would you be willing to carry around your own utensils to reduce waste? Tell us your thoughts!


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