Make your Cleaning Routine Greener

Eco-friendly cleaning tips

Every single day you have to resort to various cleaning products for your home and your office. These are all solutions that end up on your carpet, floor, upholstery and from there make their way to your clothes and even the air you breathe. Do keep this in mind as you choose your products in the store.

There are certain types of products you have to avoid. Always keep an eye on the label and discard anything with the words ‘poison’, ‘toxic’, ‘dangerous’ on it. Instead of resorting to such dangerous cleaners, you should look for ways to make your routine greener and eco-friendly. This is very important, as preserving the environment should be the focus of every single person. Here are few methods that can easily help you accomplish this:

  • Resort to green cleaning products – green cleaning is no longer a mystery that you have to uncover. There are plenty of proven methods and solutions that work wonders when it comes to home cleaning. Do consider the fact that vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, essential oils and plenty more natural solutions make for excellent cleaning substitutes. Not only are they harmless, but also very effective in certain situations and can do just as good job as other commercial products.
  • Refresh the air in your home – when you want to add a scent to the air in your home, the first thing that comes in mind is an air-freshener product. There are other means through which you can do that, without releasing chemicals from commercial products. One example is boiling cloves, cinnamon and practically anything that you enjoy the aroma of. Do consider flowers as the best natural solution for refreshing the air in your home. Adding some plants indoors is a must – not only are they beautiful to the eye, but also contribute to the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Ventilate your rooms – every time you are on to some cleaning service, you have to open the windows wide and let fresh air circulate. Certain cleaning products create dangerous fumes, which can make you feel dizzy. This is why fresh air is always needed. Open windows every time you have the opportunity, as this can greatly contribute to less allergens in the air of your home.
  • Leave toxins at the door – a lot of dangerous spoils are carried on your shoes and enter the front door along with you. Dust and dirt from outside carries tons of bacteria, which can easily get ingrained in the fibers of your carpet. This leads to a bad floor environment and need for thorough carpet cleaning every now and then. For this reason it is important to have a good doormat, where most of the spoils are collected. Additionally, it is worth it to consider a strict shoeless policy.
  • Hire only green cleaning service – there are many companies out there that offer cleaning services for all who have no time for this task and require some help. Definitely go for a company that uses green cleaning methods in their work as this is very important.

You can green your cleaning routine in many ways and these are just few examples of how to easily make that happen. Do not hesitate and make the change today. For more interesting ideas:

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