Learning About the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

As I get older, I find I have become more interested in the mind–body–spirit connection. I’m much more aware now that everything is connected and we are the only one to blame for our unhappiness. It’s easy to get in the victim mindset and want to blame others for your own bad experiences.

The last couple years I’ve been much more open to meeting new people and learning from them. One of those people is Dr. LJ Rose who I am happy to now call one of my mentors. She is a Natural Wellness expert, Gourmet Raw Fusion chef, therapist and author with over 25 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and Subconscious Dynamics. She has recently launched her Natural Wellness Coaching certification and I have signed up to become a Holistic Health and Life Coach. She has enrolled people from all over the world into these informative and life changing classes that center around the “food as medicine” approach.

Mind-Body-Spirit-WellnessWhat makes her courses different than other wellness programs is that she truly teaches the mind-body-spirit connection. No one diet (or lifestyle) is right for everyone. According to her book, Raw Fusion Living, she states, “As a therapist, I also must consider the pitfalls of absolutes. For most people, maintaining any lifestyle choice 100% of the time is likely to have a boomerang effect at some point. This is simply the nature of the subconscious mind; absolutes tend to build up a lot of psychic backwash, which sooner or later leaks its way into our conscious thoughts and behaviors.”  It is my opinion that so many “wellness” programs fail to recognize this.

I’ll be blogging here-and-there about what I am learning while I take this course. It’s projected to be about 9-12 months and the modules include Mind, Body, Spirit, Coaching. Things seem to come along at the correct time in life and I am looking forward to learning more from Dr. LJ. If you would like more information on her certification, please visit RawFusionLiving.com.

Lisa Custer

Lisa enjoys learning about natural health and is currently working on a Holistic Health & Life Coach certification. She is passionate about real food education and sharing what she learns. She lives in Florida with her husband and son.

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