Lessen Your Impact with Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Eco-friendly school supplies

With the school year in full swing, there are plenty of opportunities to go green with your school supplies. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to different supplies in the stores, but the wisest choice is buying eco-friendly school supplies. They are safe for the health of your kids and don’t increase the pollution in nature. Here are some such school supplies, made entirely of natural materials, which are a good choice for your kids.

Instead of buying the petroleum-based crayons, you can choose natural soy crayons. They are made entirely of soy beans oil and are completely natural. Another advantage is that they don’t contain paraffin wax and lead, which are dangerous for your kid’s health.

You can also choose paper stationary, made of agricultural waste from bananas, coffee, lemons and magoes. Other good alternatives include biodegradable pens and reusable sandwich bags for your kids. The biodegradable pens fully decompose after being thrown in the compost pile. The sandwich bags are safe for the health and can be used repeatedly without a problem.

When craft time rolls around, you can opt for eco-friendly scissors with handles made of 70% recycled plastic. The metal part of the scissors is stainless steel.

There are glues, made of eco-friendly products. Such are glues, made of potato starch, which stick successfully to both paper and fabric. Unlike regular glues, the eco-friendly substitutes don’t contain solvents and aren’t harmful to your kid’s health. They stick as good as the traditional glues which are made of strong chemicals.

Bamboo dry erase boards, sold in the markets are wonderful for making some calculations without using and wasting paper. They are also appropriate for making lists of the tasks you need to take care of. Bamboo is a sustainable material that is used to make rulers and other useful items. It is a great material, which saves nature from pollution and decomposes completely. The bamboo boards are recommended by Tidy Carpet Cleaning because of their flexibility.  

Buy notebooks from 100% recycled paper, if you want to save the trees on our planet. Another way to get your kid eco-friendly school supplies is buying rock paper notebooks, made of limestone or solar calculators made of corn plastic. They are charged with solar energy, which makes them absolutely eco-friendly. Being made of corn plastic they decompose without residue.

If you buy pens lasting longer than the regular ones for your kids, you can teach them how to reduce their environmental impact.

Pencils, paints and other art supplies, made of natural ingredients like fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables are a great substitute for the regular art supplies, which have different chemicals in them.

If you purchase eco-friendly non-plastic lunch boxes and bottles for your children, you don’t need to use disposable plastic bags and bottles. This way you won’t pollute the environment. Chemicals can easily enter your kid’s body, so by using natural materials you are also protecting your kids.

Eco-friendly school supplies are one way to reduce the contamination and pollution on our planet. They are made of easily disintegrated materials, taken from nature, without the use of any chemicals. This makes them useful and safe for the health of your kids, as well. Instead of being the next to pollute the environment, you can act responsibly and choose natural ingredients for the school supplies of your kids. Easily recyclable ingredients are always to be preferred, as they are also non-toxic. The quality of eco-friendly supplies is often better than the regular ones, so you don’t make compromises with the quality, choosing them.


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