Natural Vegetable Garden Pest Control

Natural Garden Pest Control

The gardening work requires a lot of knowledge and skills. To look after a healthy and nourishing vegetable garden you need to take care of the pests in it, eliminating them the most proper way. Natural products can keep far most pests and won’t poison your garden vegetable with chemicals, which bought from shops products will do. There is a certain aphorism, saying that pests attack plants that are sick and suffering of some nourishing instability or constant lack of water. This can be applied to plant-louse attacks. With cabbage worms, bean beetles, Colorado beetles on the potatoes and some other pests, the more fertile the soil is the more they will attack your vegetables. Using some natural made sprays and remedies you can keep your vegetable garden cleaned and safe from pests.

Some natural insecticides, available in stores seem innocuous, but in most of the cases they aren’t. Bugs that are useful for your garden, pets and yourself will definitely suffer of the negative effects of these toxic preparations presented as natural. You can make some natural preparations alone of vegetables and oil or even do the cleaning of the garden by yourself, if you have a small one. Cleaning the larvae of some insect pests out of your vegetables by hand can be done qualitatively if you are alert and you have a small garden. You can crumple them, kill them by soaking them in a bucket of soap and water solution or vacuum clean them if you have the necessary machines. A dust buster and a vacuum cleaner can do the work. You could hire professionals like prompt gardening to help you.

You can prepare a garlic fire spray, made of oil and vegetables for cleaning your garden of ants and insects. You will need:

  • Fourteen to thirty cloves of garlic
  • Six big or twelve smaller hot Chilli peppers or Chilli pepper powder for substitute
  • One soup spoon of vegetable oil
  • One full teaspoon of ecological liquid detergent
  • Seven glasses of water

Mix all these ingredients in a blender and percolate afterwards through a filter. Fill in the ready spray in a bottle for instant use and the rest quantity pour in jars or bottles and seal well for future use. Use on your garden pests and see the results. If the harmful bugs and insects continue to attack your garden change the quantity of some ingredients until you guess the proper proportion of the products. Test again and see the results.

This garlic spray is smelly and will keep the insects and other pests away from your garden. It should be sprayed often and mandatory after dew and rain. You have to use it only on the pest and with attention in order not to kill the ladybirds, bees and the other garden friends, helping your garden. Besides insect pest, rodents will also be stopped by the smell of this natural spray.

You can make a choking oily mixture for pest control. Mix half a cup of liquid or shredded soap with a glass of vegetable oil. Make the mixture smooth and homogeneous with a blender, mixer or beat by hand until it becomes white in colour and thick. Store this in a sealed bottle or jar and use only one tablespoon of it dissolved in one litre warm water. Use this self-made spray on the vegetable plants affected by or having pests. This solution is perfect for indoor garden plants and stifles mites, nematodes and all hard-shelled insects. It isn’t recommended for outdoor gardens while sunny as it can burn your vegetables.

To have your vegetable garden in a good condition, bringing you the vegetables that you need, you have to do its proper cleaning from pests, killing all the insect feeding with the vegetables, its roots or leaves. Cleaning the predators that eat your vegetables with natural self-made products, you can look after the proper growth of all the plants you take care of without highly toxic preparations.

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