Diapers Help Your Plants Grow!

New discoveries can shock you on a daily basis. And we are not talking about huge discoveries like the wheel, sliced bread and the computer – we speak of simple ones that you never thought that would be possible because of the two items involved have absolutely nothing in common. You probably once never believed that you would be using newspaper to clean your windows, but guess what happens when they get the smudges. And that is small in comparison to this new discovery that has been unearthed after many and many experiments. It turns out that diapers can help your plants grow!

Wait, why are you not surprised? What? Nooo! No, no, no – not because of that. That is just dirty. Forget words like odour and compost, natural fertilizer, and potential contents of diapers, we are talking about the actual diapers and the ingredients within. It actually turns out that they contain certain things that can be useful to plants, and those ingredients, those playful little water crystals, based on the little experiments conducted, can provide you with fast-growing, and yet still organic plants that will flourish in your garden and grace you with a wonderful imagery, done simply by using a disposable diaper. Guess it is a better alternative than filling it and using the conventional contents, right?

Yes, it is insane. But instead of spending your free time marvelling over what somebody was actually doing to fill his own free time in order to make this discovery, you can instead venture in the world of your garden and see if it really works. If it does, you will be quite pleased. It does not involve any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other chemicals that are used to enhance growth and kill pests and vermin that harm plants and stumble their growth. This is an environmentally friendly method of growing plants fast to have the garden you want to eventually create, and to entertain yourself with the expressions of other people when you finally spill the beans and tell them how you tended to that pretty plant next to the window. Of course, that entertainment might not last long since you will have to go through the “Oh! You mean you used the… you-know-what?” conversation a few more times than your levels of tolerance can handle, but you can still get a few kicks out of it before replacing the answer with “It’s a secret!”

Okay, on to the important bit that you are actually interested about. How do you use diapers in such a way that in no way involves overeating and bowel movement, and still get your plants to a up-and-sturdy shape? The instructions are below.

  • Extracting the Ingredients

Now for this magical trick we will need a little assistance by a brand new unused disposable diaper and a can of water. Don’t be stingy on the water, a diaper can absorb quite the amount. The reason you need these items is because you need to take out the contents of the diaper (ha ha, yes, very funny – still not those contents). Pour the can into the diaper, and if it still has not started to spill, then take another can or cup and keep pouring until the diaper stops absorbing the liquid and it starts spilling. Once that trial is over take a bowl and some shears. Cut the diaper open and take out its contents in the bowl (the joke stops being funny after a while, right?). Add some more water and stir for a bit. What you have here is a pile of fibre-rich hydrogel, which is the main ingredient for the upcoming fast growth of your plants and the key to your garden maintenance. Take the hydrogel, place it in an airtight bag and stuff it in your freezer for the night, then we can concentrate on the next part of the trick.

  • Creating the Magical Soil

For the second act you will need all-purpose potting soil which can be bought from any agricultural or home improvement store. You could use the soil from your garden, but only if your reliable gardening instincts can be trusted that the soil will be fertile enough for the purposes of this spell. Take out your magical hydrogel from the freeze and, if it is frozen stiff, wait till it softens up a bit. Now take a pot or a bowl, or whatever container you are planning on planting in and add equal amounts of soil and hydrogel. Put those hands for good use and start mixing until you get a homogenous – or close enough – mixture. The magical soil you just created should be soft, kind of disturbingly fluffy, oh, and it will do wonders for your plants.

  • Easy Planting Gone Right

Do you have any idea how easy planting in pots just became? Well, you can see for yourself in act three by simply adding seeds to the magic soil you just made. You can leave them on the surface, or mix them into the soil, or add seeds over the soil and then add more soil – it does not matter. Now wait. Just after a week, without having to water, without having to worry about weed control or stirring the soil, or anything really, the seeds will start sprouting! What, you ask? How did this happen? Well, now you have perfectly acceptable potting soil that is perfect for your seeds, mixed with water crystals which keep the soil moist and ready for the seeds, and kind of automatically water the seeds and future roots of the plant. It is a simply-made seed starter for plants that you need not take care of!

When the seeds do start growing, of course, you will need to place them in a bowl that is fit for the plant, and will have to start taking care of it the usual way, but you don’t have to worry about water-retentive soil, moisturised areas and the such, because your magic soil will take care of all the plant’s static needs. Regular watering is still a must, of course, and you still have to water the roots and not the leaves – the magical soil works underground, it does not render your plant immune to physical water damage. But, unlike before, now you do not have to worry about overwatering your plants, or letting your kid water the plants that need a certain amount of watering. The water crystals from the diaper mixed within the soil cold water up to five hundred times their weight and they will absorb all the extra water while still keeping the soil moist and soft. Of course, there is an upper limit of water you should not cross, but you are not that irresponsible to your plants, are you?

  • Other Uses

These magical diaper contents are not only good for potted plants. You can also use them at home, for your vases, in order to preserve cut flowers for as long as possible. Just take another bowl and mix inside warm water, a bit of bleach, sugar, and vinegar. Weird combination, right? Stir until it becomes homogeneous and then add it to a bowl of the unfrozen diaper crystals. Do not get startled – it is supposed to grow. You should test how much it grows first by mixing a bit of the slush with a bit of the weird mixture, and then find a proper container for the whole portion. If you stir the newfound fertile colourful soil, it will look like crushed ice. Now pour it into a vase and place cut flowers inside. Now what you have is a mixture that looks amazingly beautiful, and that will feed the flowers water itself without any prompting on your side. It’s pretty much like self-sustainable fertile soil! And don’t be afraid – it cannot harm the overly curious kids that try to touch it. The mixture is utterly non-toxic.

Alternatively, you can use the hydrogel as a fertiliser for your garden. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, it is environmentally friendly, it is biodegradable, it does not cause damage, disease or pollution to your flowers, so it is perfect for your plants outside. Just add it to the soil waiting there and plant away to make an enduring and fertile garden. You will now have to add much less water than usually required as the water crystals will handle the moisturising of the soil and the watering of the plants from the inside. And even better – you do not have to replace the hydrogel for at least a few seasons! And all of that with just one diaper! Now that is a neat magic trick, right?

If you already have planted plants that you wish to have such magical soil, do not fret – you can still help them as well. Take a spoon and literally spoon feed the water crystals to the soil, close to the root. But you have to be extra careful not to damage a vital part of the root, so tread lightly. Alternatively, you can make space around the root, place some of the hydrogel around it, and then put the soil back over them, burying them around the plant.

  • The Conclusion

And schazam! Your garden and potted plants, and even your vases, are all better all thanks to a diaper. This is a pretty handy trick as it will do wonders both for the gardening and the green living. The hydrogel will lower your water costs as your plants will now need as twice as less watering, and no extra water to even get them started as seeds. Oh, the marvels of science.

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