A Green Christmas of Inspiration

green Christmas inspiration

Here we are, already so close to wrapping up 2016. It has been a wild year for sure with lots of ups and downs, curves, detours and laughs along the way.

I wanted to sit down and reflect on all of the remarkable people we’ve met and or collaborated with this year. I am blown away each and every day by the people who are making a positive impact on other people’s lives and this great planet we call home. There is a lot of love and care that I am witnessing and I am honored and humbled to see it all unfold.

Personally, I am inspired to do more, to give more and to love more because of these individuals….Meet some of them here.

Planet Love Life – Marine debris awareness group that makes bracelets and accessories from fishnets and ropes picked up from beach cleanups. Nothing says love more than protecting our oceans and its inhabitants from debris.

Cliquemint – Lessening the plastic waste stream by creating removable and replaceable toothbrush heads. No need to throw your entire toothbrush away anymore.

Trusted Clothes – Organization that is dedicated to linking people, brands and organizations that are ethical and environmentally friendly together. Clothing creation has a big environmental footprint. It’s cool that this group can help educate us all on how we can make and choose our fashions differently.

Trash Walking Chico – The adventures of one person picking up trash as they are walking in Chico California. An inspiring person that knows their efforts make a difference in the world.

Buddha Doodles – Adding love to the world, one doodle at a time. Molly Hahn shares her meditative sketches with the planet. Bringing her lovable characters into life with words of wisdom.

EcoGig – A group of marine researchers determining the impacts of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. The more knowledge we have about our marine ecosystem, the better off we will be to protect it.

Ink Forest Eco Screen Printing – Certified Green Printer that uses 100% vegan water based inks. It only takes one business to lead by example and make a difference in both our economy and our planet.

Lorraine, Who Cares Out There – Zero waste advocate that is doing her part to lessen her environmental impact, and with a great sense of humor.

Believe Organics – Organic vegan skincare line that believes in the power of being healthy and holistic. The most impactful businesses sometimes begin because of individuals inspired to take another path to wellness.

These are just a few of the people we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. I wish that I could include everyone that came into our path this year, but I think I would be writing well into the next year. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of connection and when we come together for the right reasons that our near and dear to our hearts, the world changes in a big way for the better.

I want to give a very special thank you to Shenan Charania who has been my mentor and life coach. It has brought incredible changes to my life and our business in a huge way. This is just the beginning.

2016 has truly been amazing. Thank you for all of the love, the connection and the utmost positivity to make our world a better place. I am so excited to continue on this journey of love, life and sustainability with all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends!

With all of our love,

Tara LaSalla and the Team of Green Me Locally

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Tara LaSalla

Tara is the owner of Green Me Locally which was established in 2010 with a mission to bring awareness to the surrounding community about local eco-friendly businesses, events and sustainable living. She is also a business profitability consultant and specializes in helping companies lower their environmental impact, do good things for people and the planet and become more profitable at the same time. Tara helps companies create simple, sustainable solutions and become totally green while still increasing their profits. Her core belief is that we only have one planet, so it is our obligation to start making changes for the sake of our health and the health of future generations. Tara is known for creating easy solutions for post-consumer waste and the conservation of natural resources. Her clients are inspired and empowered to lead the way to a healthier tomorrow. Tara currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL where she is an active community leader in the form of environmental and marine conservation and education. Her work with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa Bay Watch and other local organizations continues to inspire those around her to protect our natural resources. She holds true to one of Mahatma Gandhi's most famous principles: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

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