Brighton Reuse Depot: A Green Vision Coming True

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Container homes, retails, and offices are popping up around the globe, and it seems that the trend is here to stay. One of the prime examples of a new green way of life is the City Reuse Depot in Brighton and Hove, England. This visionary project of a recycling pioneer Cat Fletcher is aiming to take the environment-friendly concept to the next level. The first hub of its kind in England, and it will serve as a guiding light for other similar initiatives and projects. cat_drill_June13-e1396004453429

Think locally

Local taxpayers in Brighton have been throwing a great deal of money at cleaning the litter, which is irrational considering that a bulk of it can be reused. Moreover, a lot of stuff ended up on the streets, and people are accustomed to this wasteful behavior. Hence, Cat launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase eight shipping containers and establish an effective reuse service for the whole local community. 

Now people are shown that waste is just usable stuff in the wrong place. Reuse Depot connects many different people and stimulates them to help each other out. Still, more funding and support are needed to get the project off the ground. People are offering tons of material that can’t be effectively stored under present conditions.  What it takes is a whole new container complex, and you can check this link to get familiar with the project.

Village people

A complex will be made from shipping containers and used as a central reuse depot. Its purpose is to receive, sort, repair and deliver discarded goods and materials.  It’s also supposed to be a drop off and collection point that coordinates the handover of commodities and Freegle transactions. Citizens of Brighton will be able to pass on stuff they no longer need such as old clothes, battered furniture and unused building materials. shipping_container_hove_england

These practices have been present already, but now they are formalized, improved, and made available for more people. The hub is set to operate seven days a week and leave its door open for everybody. Containers will provide secure storage that can be easily relocated on vacant sites around the city. Stored goods and materials are to be secured in weatherproof conditions, and this solution offers great flexibility and cost-effectiveness.  

Reuse Depot also embraces creativity and will have numerous facilities like repair cafes, design workshops and stores for artists, makers, and others. What many are looking forward to is a library of things, a place where you can borrow ladders, drills and other tools and equipment. Furthermore, the Depot will accept donations to charity and host community events and educational programs. With all that, this site will resemble a dynamic shipping container village.

Green way

Shipping containers haven’t only taken the housing market by surprise, they have shown us the best way to engage in eco-friendly activities and reuse and recycle projects. The creative Reuse Depot is a hub that will contribute to the local economy where thousands of locals have already benefited from the Freegle. Such a complex can prevent the wastefulness, redistribute the wealth, increase employment and remind people they shouldn’t always rush to buy new things. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure indeed, and where there’s a will there’s a green way.

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